How can increase my self-awareness? One of the secrets to personal growth to be more self-aware.

In this video, we detail five proven strategies that help with your personal development efforts. We cover topics like mindfulness, journaling, meditation, taking personality tests (like the Myers-Brigg), and getting feedback from the important people in your life.

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00:00 5 Self Awareness Activities
01:58 1. Look at yourself objectively
02:53 2. Keep a journal
03:24 3. Practice meditation and other mindfulness habits
04:05 4. Take personality and psychometric tests
04:27 5. Ask for feedback at home and at work

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‘Self awareness’ has a simple definition: the mental activity that reflects back on itself, the mental process of being aware of oneself being aware. Is self-awareness a uniquely human trait? Some animals seem to disagree. The deep significance of self-awareness is how on earth can physical processes in physical brains generate self awareness?

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